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Northern Trust

Northern Trust Corporation,founded in 1889,is a financial services company headquartered in Chicago.

Top Perfoming ETFs by Northern Trust

Name3Y1YTypeUnit ValueMorningstar Ratings
Northern Trust US Market Factor ETF | TILT14.23%43.54%Equity$

About Northern Trust

Established in 1889, The Northern Trust Bank arose to combat what is now known as the age of gilded corruption. Its founders sought to offer banking services that were grounded in integrity and expertise, putting the customer first at every step of the way. They have built up from a trust bank to a global presence with offices across 20 states and 23 international locations.

Why Invest in ETFs by Northern Trust?

Northern Trust ETFs control assets worth a total of 15.48 Billion USD, spread over fixed income and equity asset classes. With more than 20% of the wealthiest families in the United States choosing their wealth management services, you know that this is a name that you can trust blindly.


Riya Saxena

Businesswoman, India
I run my own event management company and in an industry as volatile as that, I knew I needed to have a few secure investments to stay afloat in case anything went wrong. After viewing my investment goals and risk appetite, the team at Kristal AI recommended FlexiShares and they have been performing well.

Nghia Doan

Marketing Executive, Hong Kong
I don’t know a lot about investing. I just knew that I wanted to grow my money in 5 years and buy my parents a house. The team at Kristal AI understood my goals and helped me choose Northern Trust ETFs based on that. I am now closer to achieving my goals!

Su Kiambang

Chef, Malaysia
I own a very popular restaurant in Malaysia and I know I can turn it into a successful franchise in the next 10 years. I have invested in Northern Trust ETFs on the recommendation of my advisor at Kristal.Ai and am happy with the way my funds are growing so far!

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