The Charles Schwab Corporation, founded in 1971 by Charles R. Schwab, is an American bank and stock brokerage firm based in San Francisco, California.

About Schwab

Ranked at 13 on a list of the top banks all over the world, Schwab is a trusted name in the world of investments and banking. Schwab has a total of 3.72 Trillion USD in client assets, and 422 Billion USD through its proprietary ETFs and mutual funds. They offer a broad range of ETFs across various classes and are certainly a name that you can bank on.

Why should you invest in Schwab ETFs?

Schwab ETFs control assets worth a total of 10.132 Billion USD. The company has been ranked number 1 by Investor’s Business Daily in 2019 for Trade Reliability, and Best in Class, Order Execution by Stockbrokers.com in 2019. They offer a high level of transparency and pride themselves on exceeding the industry standards for disclosure.


Sanya Kohli

Businesswoman, India
The team at Kristal AI recommended Schwab ETFs after carefully discussing with me what I wanted to achieve in the next 15 years. I found their team to be very methodical, which is what made me trust them.

Tenzin Lan

Writer, Hong Kong
I just want to say that I’m really happy with my financial advisor at Kristal AI because he not only explains everything about my funds, he also has the patience to bear with my panicky-moments!

Akiro Kanema

Tech Engineer, Japan
Really happy with the way the team at Kristal AI has helped me save and grow my money over the last few years! They have done a great job and I am happy with the way my ETF is performing.

ETFs by other Issuers

Name3Y1YTypeUnit ValueMorningstar Ratings
Aberdeen Standard Physical Palladium Shares ETF | PALL22.55%-14.48%Equity$
AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF | MSOS0%7.68%Equity$
Amplify Transfor Data Sharin | BLOK50.09%117.33%Equity$
ARK Israel Innovative Technology ETF | IZRL17.34%20.31%Equity$
Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust | A17U-3.35%EquitySGD

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