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State Street

State Street Corporation is an American financial services and bank holding company headquartered at One Lincoln Street in Boston with operations worldwide.

Top Perfoming ETFs by State Street

Name3Y1YTypeUnit ValueMorningstar Ratings
SPDR S&P Semiconductor ETF | XSD44.01%47.48%Equity$
State Street Technology ETF | XLK32.37%29.38%Equity$
State Street SP 500 Growth ETF | SPYG24.60%28.76%Equity$
State Street Consumer Discretionary ETF | XLY21.76%23.33%Equity$
State Street S&P 500 ETF | SPY19.62%30.13%Equity$
StateStreet Material Select Sector ETF | XLB18.69%30.18%Equity$
State Street Financial ETF | XLF17.05%61.11%Equity$
SPDR Ssga Gender Diversity Index ETF | SHE16.97%33.72%Equity$
State Street Healthcare Equipment ETF | XHE15.69%20.78%Equity$
State Street S&P 600 Small Cap Growth ETF | SLYG14.58%40.37%Equity$

About State Street

State Street Corporation firmly believes that its relationship with its clients is the most important thing for the company to value. They have placed their focus on inclusion and diversity, environmental sustainability, raising social consciousness, and promoting economic responsibility. They believe that their values define them and this is what they bring to the table for their clients, apart from their expertise.

Why should you invest in State Street ETFs?

State Street ETFs control assets that are worth a total of 244.626 billion USD. State Street was ranked 247th on the Fortune 500, meaning that this is a company that not only knows what it is doing, but is also a name that you can trust with your funds. They offer a diverse range of ETFs across varying industries.


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ETFs by other Issuers

Name3Y1YTypeUnit ValueMorningstar Ratings
Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF | SIVR16.31%-4.30%Equity$
AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF | MSOS0%13.44%Equity$
Amplify Transfor Data Sharin | BLOK44.07%104.57%Equity$
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Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust | A17U-3.35%EquitySGD

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