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iShares by Blackrock

iShares by Blackrock, is a global leader in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), and has nearly $2 trillion invested in more than 800 different product offerings across a wide range of asset classes and investment strategies.

Top Perfoming ETFs by iShares by Blackrock

Name3Y1YTypeUnit ValueMorningstar Ratings
Blackrock Global Clean Energy ETF | ICLN42.31%10.09%Equity$
Blackrock PHLX Semiconductor ETF | SOXX40.82%39.84%Equity$
Blackrock North American Tech-Software ETF | IGV32.27%28.21%Equity$
Blackrock Global Tech ETF | IXN30.93%29.69%Equity$
Blackrock North American Technology ETF | IGM30.49%29.83%Equity$
Blackrock S&P 500 Information Technology UCITS | IUIT28.97%21.33%Equity$
Blackrock Russell Top 200 Growth ETF | IWY27.04%27.09%Equity$
Blackrock MSCI Taiwan Capped ETF | EWT25.90%37.49%Equity$
Blackrock Russell Mid-Cap Growth ETF | IWP24.14%26.56%Equity$
Blackrock MSCI USA ESG Select ETF | SUSA23.20%32.06%Equity$

About iShares

iShares by Blackrock is one of the better known global ETFs. iShares is a subsidiary of Blackrock, the world's largest asset management company, and Blackrock is responsible for issuing and marketing iShares products. iShares is a leader in ETFs with nearly $2 trillion invested across a bouquet of 800+ products. Founded in the year 2000, iShares provides various investing options across multiple markets and sectors.

Why Invest in ETFs by iShare?

iShares ETFs are known to be a flexible and cost-effective way of gaining exposure to various market segments. iShares provides ETFs that track major global indices, and allows investors to diversify their portfolio through investments in emerging markets, fixed income strategies, and broad-based indices. iShares is the largest issuer of ETFs across U.S. and globally. iShares, along with Vanguard, represent about 50% of the total ETF market. iShares ETFs employ smart analytics and beta strategies like minimum volatility, momentum, dividend yield and more to provide greater risk-adjusted returns than many other market cap indexes.


Nikhil Minz

Designer, Bangalore
I invested in iShares 3 years ago and chose the S&P ETF (IVV). It’s been a good experience so far with consistent returns. The analyst team at Kristal.AI has also been very supportive and have helped me understand market fluctuations and manage expectations well.

Vanessa Li

Homemaker, Singapore
“I am not a very financially-aware person. I knew that I had to start saving and create a nest fund. I approached Kristal.AI with this request and they gave me Blackrock ETFs as a recommendation. So far, I am happy with the promised returns despite market ups and downs.

Dukju Sims

Entrepreneur, Hong Kong
As a business person, I understand that my finances are globally connected and impacted by both geo-political and economic factors. So, some years back I made the decision to look beyond boundaries and invest in global ETFs which can help one beat inflation and earn consistent returns. It is important to diversify and low-cost ETFs like iShares help one to do that.

ETFs by other Issuers

Name3Y1YTypeUnit ValueMorningstar Ratings
Aberdeen Standard Physical Silver Shares ETF | SIVR16.31%-4.30%Equity$
AdvisorShares Pure US Cannabis ETF | MSOS0%13.44%Equity$
Amplify Transfor Data Sharin | BLOK44.07%104.57%Equity$
ARK Fintech Innovation ETF | ARKF0%24.15%Equity$
Ascendas Real Estate Investment Trust | A17U-3.35%EquitySGD

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