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Good Protein Fund I

Very High RiskSpeciality
Good Protein Fund I
Issued by:Good Startup Pte Ltd.
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
Good Protein Fund I

Good Protein Fund I

Fund Strategy

Good Protein Fund I is a VC fund structured as a Cayman LP Feeder Fund into a Singapore VCC. It proposes to invest in Alternative Protein companies diversified across all stages, technologies, products and geographies. They intend to raise USD 25m to create a blended portfolio of 30+ investments with small initial investments of USD 250k- 500K and balance for follow-ons.
Alternative proteins are disrupting the US$2 trillion meat, seafood and eggs market by creating replacement sustainable, protein-rich ingredients sourced from plants, animal tissue culture, etc
Some deals have already been warehoused for investment pending the Fund launch Names: Eat JUST, Rebellyous Foods & Avant Meats.
Capital Calls: 10% upfront; 6 X 15% every 6mths thereafter.

Why this Fund ?

  • 1. Run by VCs with a successful track record of execution in Asia
  • 2. GPs have committed USD 6m or 25% of total fund as their investment
  • 3. Interesting “Alternative Proteins” sector given demand for sustainable non-animal foods

About Good Startup Pte Ltd.

Good Startup is MAS licensed for Venture Capital Fund Management (VCFM). Managing Partners Gautam Godhwani and Jayesh Parekh are successful entrepreneurs and investors with 25+ years’ experience across North America and Asia. Jayesh was previous co-founder at Sony Entertaiment TV and Partner at Jungle Ventures while Gautam co-founded Simply Hired and AtWeb. The GPs have committed USD 6m or almost 25% of the total fund as their investment.

Fact Sheets & Reports

lockFund Update: Q2 2021
Good Protein Fund I