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HK Equity Tech Stars

High RiskEquity
HK Equity Tech Stars
Issued by:Kristal
Unit Price (NAV) : HKD
Minimum investment: HKD
HK Equity Tech Stars

HK Equity Tech Stars

Fund Strategy

HK Equity Tech Stars is a fund strategy based on the mega trend towards digitalization. By 2021 it is expected that digital products and services in Asia amount up to 60% of GDP. To capitalize on this trend, the strategy invests predominantly in Hong Kong listed shares of companies in the digital technology space or other disruptive sectors. The initial selection of stocks is focused on 6 companies with a competitive advantage in their respective field, proven track record and strong growth momentum. Our Investment Committee is reviewing the list of constituents on a regular basis. New shares, either through IPO or secondary offerings may be added over time. Rebalancing of the stocks in the portfolio takes place once weighted allocation moves outside of a tolerance level determined by the IC. Baidu (9888 HK) was added to the portfolio in Apr 2021 after its HK listing was complete.

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