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Kristal Core Strategy Fund (SGD)

Medium RiskDiversified
Kristal Core Strategy Fund (SGD)
Issued by:Kristal
Unit Price (NAV) : SGD
Minimum investment: SGD
Kristal Core Strategy Fund (SGD)

Kristal Core Strategy Fund (SGD)

Fund Strategy

Why this Kristal?
The Kristal Core Strategy Fund (SGD) has the objective to achieve optimum absolute returns on a risk adjusted basis. A dynamic allocation across all major asset classes is determined by the proprietary advisory algorithm with oversight by the investment committee. In this strategy, the USD risk is hedged back to SGD. The strategy aims to achieve a consistent return through most phases of the economic cycle, hence the reference to "all weather".

Kristal Core Strategy Fund (SGD) follows the tried and tested philosophy of an All-Weather Portfolio. The asset allocation across Equity, Fixed Income, Commodities, Volatility and FX is dynamic and adjusted depending on the stage of the growth cycle we are in. Our experienced Investment Committee provides consistent oversight on the strategy and ensures dynamic shifts in allocation to ensure the return objectives are achieved.

Recommended for: The investment is suitable for investors with medium to high risk appetite (Kristal risk level: Medium).

Geographic Focus: Global

Market Tier Exposure: Developed Markets, Emerging Markets

Asset Class: Multi-asset

When to buy?
The Kristal provides consistent performance through most market conditions, being able to build the core of any investment portfolio. Due to the growth component of equities, the Kristal is also placed well for regular periodic investments.

How is this Kristal Managed?
The Kristal is quarterly rebalanced.
The permitted allocation for each asset class are as follows:

  • Equity: 0-50%
  • Fixed Income: 0-75%
  • Commodities (Gold, and/or broad commodity tracking ETF): 0-25%
  • Volatility ETNs: 0-10%
  • Other ETFs: 0-10%

Fluctuations of up to 10% between each of the asset classes are allowed.

Fact Sheets & Reports
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  • Kristal Core Strategy Fund (SGD)