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UBAM Dynamic US Dollar Bond A

Low RiskFixed Income
UBAM Dynamic US Dollar Bond A
Issued by:UBP Asset Management (UBAM)
Unit Price (NAV) : $
Minimum investment: $
UBAM Dynamic US Dollar Bond A

UBAM Dynamic US Dollar Bond A

Fund Strategy

UBAM Dynamic US Dollar Bond invests in high grade investment bonds. It has a diversified portfolio of short duration/ floating rate USD notes issued by corporates. Fund portfolio has an average rating of BBB/A and maximum average maturity duration of 24 months. The fund may invest 10% of net assets in emerging markets and 20% of net assets in High yield Bonds. The fund is actively managed and benchmarked against SOFR Overnight rate. The current portfolio (Jun21) is well-diversified across 130 holdings with an average credit rating of A- and a portfolio yield of 0.4$. The fund invests in developed markets and has near-zero interest-rate risk.

About UBP Asset Management (UBAM)

The parent UBP - Union Bancaire Privée (UBP) was founded in 1969 and is headquartered in Geneva. UBP ranks among the most strongly capitalised banks in Europe with capital ratios well above regulatory requirements (Tier 1 capital ratio of 27.7%). It manages assets of CHF 147.4 billion as at the end of December 2020 and has a professional, global workforce of around 1,812 people. Union Bancaire Privée is a major player in Switzerland’s wealth-management industry. UBAM, the asset management arm of UBP, has a strong ground presence with 17 offices, 200 employees and 97 investment professionals over the world and manages strategies across credit and carry, impact & responsible investing, high alpha, convexity and private markets.

Fact Sheets & Reports

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    UBAM Hybrid Bond is an actively managed portfolio investing in subordinated debt issued by financial and non-financial issuers. The key focus is on additional Tier 1 debt (AT1 – “CoCo” bonds) issued by systemic European banks with a Minimum rating of B-. The fund may be 100% allocated to AT1, though current allocation is below 85%. The depth of the investment universe allows for active management of the allocation across regions, sectors, issuers and tranches of the capital structure. The portfolio is well diversified across 118 holdings with an average rating of BB+. The modified duration of the overall portfolio is 2 years and is actively hedged month-on-month, based on the global interest rate outlook. The non-USD currency exposure is fully hedged. The weighted credit spread duration is around 4.3 years and yield to call is 3%. Given the complex nature of hybrid instruments such as AT1/ CoCo instruments the fund is for moderate risk appetite investors with a medium term horizon.

  • UBAM Dynamic US Dollar Bond A