What are Bonds?

A bond is an instrument of indebtedness (similar to a loan) of the issuer to the holders. The most common issuers of bonds are governments and corporate entities.

What bonds are available on the platform?

We have multiple ways to invest in Fixed Income on the platform - directly via

  • Single bonds,
  • Fractional pooled strategies,
  • Actively Managed strategies or via External Credit Funds.

What are the benefits of investing using Bonds?

Primarily, Bonds provide a predictable income stream via interest payments, usually twice a year. Barring a default, bonds are also principal protected securities where investors get back the entire principal at maturity. Historically, Bonds have helped offset exposure to more volatile stock holdings.

Does it have a high level of minimum investment?

The minimum investment can vary by issue from 1000 to 250k of a particular currency. We also offer strategies in conjunction with our partners that provide fractional exposure to names where the minimum size is USD 200,000 / SGD 250,000.

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