Institutional Funds

What sort of funds are available?

Premium and difficult-to-access investment opportunities like private equity and venture capital funds alongside alternative investments like bitcoin and gold. Kristal fractionalises exclusive investment strategies to offer them to you at lower minimums.

What sort of alternative funds are available

These include funds with unique investment strategies or asset classes which target high growth, low volatility or a hybrid of the two. Included are also impact funds targetted at various sustainability themes.

How do I get more details on the fund such as fees?

You can find the factsheets of the funds at the bottom of their details page. These factsheets are provided directly by the fund managers. You may also reach out to your relationship managers for more details.

How do funds get placed on the Focus list?

Each fund on our platform is reviewed regularly by our Investment Committee based on various parameters such as Asset preference, Market views, Performance, Customer Traction etc. basis which select funds are placed on the focus list.

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