Private Assets

What does Kristal Private Market offer?

With Kristal Private Market, you can invest in high growth startups and pre-IPO companies by participating in primary funding rounds, secondary transactions or debt deals through us.

How do I get involved?

You can view all the live and collecting interest deals through the private markets page. If any deal interests you you can either place an order or submit interest, you can also reach out to us in case of any queries or concerns.

What type(s) of private companies does KPM provide access to or target?

We aim to provide our investors access to private companies that are typically:

  • pre-IPO and are in mid to late-stage of growth companies
  • of valuation US $500M and above
  • have a good market opportunity
  • sustainable

Who are you sourcing the shares from?

Kristal Private Markets through the years, has built a vast and growing proprietary network of:

  • individuals who own equity stakes in private companies
  • global equity and credit funds
  • members of company management and board
  • Network of employees

which enable us to source high quality and diversified investment opportunities.

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