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Digital Family Office

We at enable investors to recognise the importance of wealth preservation and growth, legacy planning and efficient structuring of assets by providing an innovative digital alternative to a traditional practice

Wealth Management

Leveraging extensive wealth management services and opportunities can help secure your family's financial future.

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Efficient Structuring

Understand the implications of inefficient asset holdings to achieve a secure and cost efficient legacy plan.

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Legacy Planning

Navigate the global regulatory environment to make it possible for you to hold wealth and ensure that it is passed on seamlessly to the next generation.

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Residency & Citizenship by Investment

Alternative residency and citizenship by investment programmes allows you and your children to be global citizens and gain access to highly sought after universities, healthcare and global mobility.

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All your investment needs in one place

A digital-first

A digital focus allows for ease of access to help manage your wealth by providing competitive and transparent costing to overcome the high barriers to entry and access our democratised family office solution.

We acknowledge that careful consideration must be taken to safeguard family's data and privacy hence our tech team ensures that our cybersecurity exceeds industry standards.

Efficient Structuring through the Variable Capital Company

The Singapore Variable Capital Company provides investors with a unique way of holding their assets in a segregated, ring- fenced and cost efficient structure. Reach out to us to learn more about how the VCC can help you in your financial journey.

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Head of Investment Advisory

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Lead, Relationship Management

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Investment Advisor

Urvashi Jeswani

Investment Advisor

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