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Invest in high growth startups & unicorns for ticket sizes as low as USD 10,000

Why invest in Pre-IPO?

Low Minimum Investment

Get started with as low as USD 10,000 to own a piece in high-growth startups

Investment Diversity

As private investments act somewhat independently to publicly listed products, they can help diversify your portfolio

High Growth Potential

Investing in companies on the cusp of IPO deals offers a chance for high returns once the stock goes public

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Founders - Kabeer Biswas, Mukund Jha

Founded - 2014

Sector - On-demand Consumer Goods Delivery

Headquarters - Bangalore, India


Founders: Vidit Aatrey & Sanjeev Barnwal

Founded: 2015

Social commerce, Consumer discretionary, Consumer services

Bangalore, India


Founders - Sebastian Siemiatkowski

Founded - 2005

Sector - BNPL, Open Banking, Online Banking

Headquarters - Stockholm, Sweden


Founders - Elon Musk

Founded - 2002

Sector - Aerospace

Headquarters - Hawthorne, USA


Founders - John Hefter

Founded - 2018

Sector - E-commerce

Headquarters - Massachusetts, USA


Founders - Mark Rein

Founded - 1991

Sector - Gaming

Headquarters - Cary, USA


Founders - Byju Raveendran, Divya Gokulnath

Founded - 2011

Sector - EdTech

Headquarters - Bangalore, Karnataka, India


Founders - Jesse Powell

Founded - 2011

Sector - Crypto-Exchange

Headquarters - San Francisco, US


Founders - Sitashwa Srivastava & Vinay Bharathwaj

Founded - 2015

Sector - FinTech

Headquarters - New York, US


Founders - Joshua Tetrick JD , Samir Kaul

Founded - 2011

Sector - FoodTech

Headquarters - San Francisco, US


Founders: Henry Ward, Manu Kumar

Founded: 2012

Sector: Financial software, Equity management, Financial technology

Headquarters: San Francisco, USA

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Kristal’s early stage fund

Fund focused on investing in high conviction ideas from Seed to Pre-Series A companies.

who are Pre-IPO Deals for?

Pre-IPO Deals are for Accredited Investors Only

Accessible to Investors whose net worth or annual income meets the criteria specified by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

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We understand investing in private market is complex. By providing a holistic solution under one roof, we aim to simplify your investment journey & cater to all your private market needs.

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