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Get access to a diverse and curated range of institutional grade investment products.

Kristal offers a range of structured products, tailored to investors' specific needs,
with the potential for enhanced yields based on market price movements.

Invest in a click

A fully digital delivery system allows you to invest immediately into your desired strategy through a click of a button

Active Tracking

See how your investments in structured products are performing anytime, anywhere

Product Suite

Equity-linked Notes

Returns are determined by the performance of the underlying equity. ELNs can be backed by securities, baskets of securities, or broader market indices.

Credit-linked Notes

This security is embedded with a credit default swap that allows the issuer to transfer credit risk to investors.

Interest rate-linked Notes

Performance is linked to reference interest rate movement, providing an opportunity to get attractive returns.

FX-linked Notes

These are dual-currency investments involving a currency option, giving the issuer the right to repay the principal and interest at maturity, in either the base currency or alternate currency.

Yield Enhancement Notes

Potentially earn a higher yield if the underlying financial instrument, linked to instruments like equities, market indices, ETFs, interest rates, currencies, or a combination, performs as expected by the investor.

Participation Notes

Returns are derived from the performance of the underlying financial instrument, such as equities, interest rates, credit spreads, or foreign exchange, or a combination of these.

Minimum Redemption Notes

If the notes are held to maturity, they generally provide a minimum return on principal.






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who are Structured Products for?

Structured Products are for Accredited Investors Only

Accessible to Investors whose net worth or annual income meets the criteria specified by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

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Structured products re-imagined to be simpler,
more transparent and offer the same diversity
to investors as before

Benefits of Investing in
Structured Products

Customized to Investors’ needs

Effective Risk Management

Potential Yield Enhancement

Portfolio Diversification

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Head of Financial Products

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Director, Financial Products

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Looking for help with building your portfolio?
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