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Get access to a diverse and curated range of institutional grade investment products.

Exclusive Access

Only place where you get direct access to portfolio managers as well as an opportunity to co-invest with leading funds

Diversified Strategies

Choose from a spectrum of venture capital & private equity funds

High Growth Alternatives

High Growth Atlernative funds utilize unique strategies which capitalizes on major events, economic trends and other systemic factors.

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Low Volatility Alternatives

Low Volatility Alternatives are investments that offer steady returns by utilizing unique asset classes uncorrelated with financial markets or through actively managed funds focused on minimizing downside risks or arbitrage strategies.

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Private Equity &
Venture Capital Funds

Invest in various stages of startup growth stories through private equity funds which target high growth and cutting edge prospects in various industries.

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who are Funds for?

Institutional Funds are available for Accredited Investors Only

Accessible to Investors whose net worth or annual income meets the criteria specified by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)

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Vivek Mohindra

Head of Financial Products

Rakesh Khajuria

Director, Financial Products

Shilpika Ganeriwala

Lead, Financial Products

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