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Wealth Management Products 
A variety of investment products, across 12+ broad product categories, made exclusively available to your clients

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Automated tools to help you provide better advice to your clients

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Dedicated Advisory Services
Team of seasoned advisors helping your clients develop a personalized financial plan

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A one-stop tech-enabled solution for wealth management
A Premium Suite of Investment Products
Expand your clients' access to 50,000+ best-in-class investment offerings across 12+ broad product categories
Dedicated Advisory Services
A team of experts to help you offer personalized solutions to your clients, varying from portfolio construction to active monitoring 
Seamless Tech-enabled Ecosystem
A 360-degree digital infrastructure, focused on scaling up your clients’ wealth management experience 
Enterprise Solution
A single window CRM Wealth Management solution, offering a variety of automated tools to help you provide better advice to your clients
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Institutional Partnerships

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can clients ensure that funds are not lost / delayed for sighting in the funds pay in and out cycle ?

Kristal can assist, on an exception basis, in tracing the status of funds while there are in SWIFT (i.e. In transit).

Clients and Kristal Channel Partners should familiarise themselves with SLAs pertaining to investments/redemptions/fund transfers timelines as these may vary depending on product/instrument.

How long does the Onboarding process with Kristal take to complete?

The Onboarding is completed with Kristal within the next 24-48 hours of Business working days. It is the simple process where the client's KYC needs to be verified and the Investment account to be opened.

As a partner of Kristal, which entity am I empanelled with ?

Empanelment of Kristal Partners is with - Kristal Advisors (SG) PTE. LTD., which is a Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) regulated entity.

When a client is onboarded, what types of accounts are opened with Kristal? De-mat / trading / others?

An investment account will be opened for the client with Kristal, where Client can see all their cash and asset holdings.

Internationally, there is no De-mat/ Custody a/c opened in client’s name. Investments are facilitated via the underlying brokers only.

The underlying brokers for Kristal are - Interactive Brokers and SAXO Bank

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