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Kristal.AI takes Globalise’s journey forward

Kristal.AI takes Globalise’s journey forward

Global investing has seen tremendous growth in the last few years. What used to be a niche investing segment, has become mainstream. In the last 5 years, Indians have invested more than $4B in global markets. There has been a 7X growth in the client base of Kristal.AI in the calendar year 2021. This growth momentum is expected to continue as more players enter the market.

Kristal.AI is a Singapore-based private wealth management platform delivering access to premium products & advisory services to affluent and emerging HNI investors in Asia. They manage more than $400M in assets for users across 20+ countries. In India, Kristal offers its product & services in partnership with wealth managers, banks, and family offices.

Globalise is a global investment platform delivering access to US stocks, ETFs, and ETF baskets for investors in India and offers the flexibility of fractional investing. Launched in 2020, they have numerous customers and wealth partners across the country. The simplicity of their product has been the key USP driving the adoption among first-time international investors from India.

Together they complement each other with one being strong in institutional products like pre-IPO deals, hedge funds and VC funds for the affluent and HNI segment and the other offering stock and ETF investing with no minimum requirements for the affluent and retail segments.

Win-win for financial institutions and investors

Most banks and broker networks in India have a large base of retail clients who typically prefer DIY (Do-it-yourself). These are self-serve clients, who operate without a need for an advisor. For these transaction-driven investors, Kristal’s advisory-driven model presented a limitation. But now coupled with Globalise’s offering, for DIY clients. Kristal can better cater to this large segment of DIY investors.

Indian investors prefer investing through fractional stocks & ETFs. Given the high share prices of popular shares like Tesla, Amazon, etc. investors choose platforms with fractionalized stocks to invest in these companies. It also makes for easier asset allocation and planning. The acquisition of Globalise will help Kristal deliver on this key ask as well.

Hence banks & brokerage networks that partner with Kristal can now offer global investing to their customers. While investors can now invest with small amounts through fractional stocks & ETFs. It is no wonder with this enhanced service and product offering, the acquisition has received a big thumbs-up from Kristal Partners & customers

Delivering on its mission of democratizing private wealth management.

“Today Kristal enjoys a leading position with the investors in the affluent segment. Globalise will help us penetrate the retail segment and deliver on our mission to bring access to best-in-class products and advisory within the reach of everyone” said Asheesh Chanda CEO & Founder Kristal.AI. 

“Globalise was created with a vision to make every Indian investor access global products. The merger helps us deliver access to premium global products. We couldn't have found a better home than Kristal for our customers, partners, and team to continue living our vision” commented Viraj Nanda CEO & Co-founder of Globalise.

The customers and partners of Globalise will not experience any change in pricing or product. The entire operating team of Globalise has been retained and continues to operate from their respective locations. Over the next few months, Kristal and Globalise teams will work closely to integrate product flows and customer accounts. 


Kristal Team

April 20, 2022

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