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Why Banks & Advisors choose Kristal.AI to Go Global

Why Banks & Advisors choose Kristal.AI to Go Global

Why banks are choosing Kristal.AI to go global
Global investing has been on an upward trend for the past few years. As per data published by the central bank, resident Indian investors have invested approx $1.53B in debt, equities and bank deposits through the LRS since March 2020. This is the highest since LRS was launched in 2004-05.

Not just direct remittances, but the sheer number of funds offering global investing have more than trebled in the last few months. To facilitate this interest, top banks such as HDFC, ICICI and Kotak have partnered with international brokerages to offer stocks & ETFs. The increase in interest has also triggered a demand for sophisticated products along with quality investment advisory. This is where Kristal.AI adds value, with its digital investing platform that delivers curated products & global advisory services to clients.

Banks get the best of products & advisory
Global investing is new for both investors & banks. They are yet to develop the necessary experience & knowledge of global markets. This at times stops many affluent investors from allocating a bigger portion of their wealth to global markets. Kristal.AI helps overcome this lacuna.
Kristal.AI is the only digital platform that offers dedicated advisory & portfolio management support to clients, around global investing. It has more than 130 years of investing experience in the global markets and manages upwards of $350M in global assets. It also has the widest range of investment products from simple options such as stocks & ETFs to institutional products such as pre-IPO deals, VC funds, Private Equity funds, Structured products, and Hedge Funds. It’s large advisory team across Singapore, HK, UAE & India manages the assets of Private Wealth clients. It is this choice of offering and deep investment expertise that is making banks choose Kristal.AI over other investing platforms & brokerages.

“Kristal's unique value proposition of quality products & advisory, has caught the attention of leading banks & wealth managers in the country. We expect exponential growth in business in the next 12 months ” says Aarthi Ramakrishnan, Country Head, India & UAE, Kristal.AI.

Kristal.AI: The safest investing partner
Safety is one of the strongest propositions of Kristal.AI. When sending money overseas, clients are anxious about the safety of funds. They are concerned about what will happen to their investments in case the company shuts down.
Krisal.AI is regulated by the world's most credible & strictest regulatory body, ie. Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). It has to adhere to very stringent anti-money laundering laws to ensure a clear traceability of funds at all times. To add to this, it holds assets of clients in a trust account with DBS Singapore, with clearly named ownership of assets. Hence at no point of time are client’s assets exposed to any risk to the business of Kristal.AI. Banks find it relieving that Kristal.AI is also licensed in India by SEBI and complies with all the rules around KYC and advisory services.

The partnership helps banks expand their client base
Kristal.AI offers global products at 1/10th the prices offered at other International banks. One can invest in institutional products, that typically have a ticket size of $250,000, for as low as $25,000. This lowering of price enables banks to offer wealth management services to a new segment of clients: investors who the banks are currently unable to service due to high investment requirements of private wealth accounts. Kristal fracationalizes funds to make it easier to invest & do asset allocation.
Beyond growth in assets coming from acquiring new clients, Kristal.AI can also help banks increase their wallet share with the existing clients. Most banks have a significant number of NRI clients, who currently use banks only to invest in Indian markets. By partnering with Kristal.AI, banks can now also offer global products to their NRI clients. Thus increasing their share of client’s investable assets. Since Kristal.AI services clients across 22 countries, it has the capability to onboard & service the NRI relationships of Indian banks.
Asheesh Chanda, Founder & CEO, Kristal.AI, says, “Kristal.AI is a battle-tested solution, with proven capabilities across tech & investing. We seek partnerships not to decrease the share of existing players, but to increase the size of the industry as a whole”

Kristal.AI helps compete with global banks
Global banks have a significant edge over Indian banks as they can offer access to premium global investment products & services. This weakness at times makes it tough for domestic banks to acquire HNI clients who have significant assets overseas. Kristal.AI helps blunt this edge as it can offer premium investment solutions, like Pre-IPOs, Digital Family office, Discretionary mandates, Estate Planning etc. This complemented with its advisory services, helps Indian banks make a very compelling to their HNI & UHNI clients
All the above are the reasons why all major banks are partnering with Kristal.AI for their wealth management businesses. Kristal.AI is aggressively expanding to cater to the increased demand, with offices in all major metropolitan cities. It's just a matter of time before Kristal.AI becomes a household name in wealth management in India.

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November 10, 2021

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