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Why React Native and not Flutter ?

Why React Native and not Flutter ?

We were happily riding with our native apps in Android and iOS. Then one day it suddenly struck, why to spend 2x time and resources in bug fixing the same thing in both OS separately when it can be done with a single resource and half the time.

Our dev team then finally took the plunge and did a deep dive on what hybrid tech can be used for our use case and app. After some research, we narrowed it down to 2 main cross-platform techs that are mostly used in the world today ie. React Native and Flutter.

Now we were faced with the most famous rivalry question, React Native vs Flutter. Which one to choose. After doing some brainstorming, we finally decided to go with React Native. Now you must be wondering, “Wait a minute, isn’t Flutter supposed to be faster as it has no bridges and compiles into native code binary”.

The reasons our team chose React Native over Flutter are as follows :

  1. Our Web UI tech stack is on Javascript. So for us, it was easy to choose a framework for mobile which was in javascript. The benefit for us was that we borrow resources from web UI in cases of emergencies as it will be easy for them to grab due to the same programming language.
  2. We wanted to implement multiple SDKs in javascript which can be re-used by mobile and web UI code. This way our core logic can reside in the SDK while the web and mobile mainly focus on UI only.
  3. Also, any update to core logic in SDKs will automatically reflect in both mobile and Web with minimum effort. The code will also be maintainable.
  4. Javascript is pretty easy to understand than the Dart language. Though the difference in learning effort is not that wide still our company use-case and timeframe suited javascript much more.
  5. We also did multiple demo apps in both react native and flutter and found that the performance difference was not that much and was negligible in our case.

The above reasons gave us confidence that React Native was the way to go for us and it fulfilled our use case.


Both platforms are good and have a tremendous amount of resources online. You cannot go wrong with any of the platforms. In the end, it boils down to the use case for your app whether which platform fulfills that.


Dhruv Jindal

March 3, 2021

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