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Kristal is now a Certified “Great Place to Work”

Kristal is now a Certified “Great Place to Work”

It feels great to share that we have been certified “Great Place to Work” by one of the leading authorities on workplace culture, the very aptly named Great Place to Work (GPTW). 


We are today among one of the best mid-sized organizations to work for in India.  It is a culmination of choices we have made in hiring the right kind of people and encouraging the right kind of behavior. As I reflect on the last 6 years of our journey, I can connect a few dots that have brought us to this delightful milestone.


It’s is not about policies but habits

Sometimes the simplest things are the hardest to achieve. I  think that being nice and respectful to one another does not need any policy or guidelines.  More than colleagues, we see each other as friends. We trust each other and are open to receiving feedback. When someone is in need, we are always there to help. A positive work culture gives us the courage to aim for bigger things. Failure doesn't scare us.


We don't see gender!

At Kristal, we treat women equally. We don't see them as weaker, inferior, or superior gender. We see them at par with men. We treat each other with respect and ensure no one feels uncomfortable at work. We have women leaders in Sales, Operations, Marketing, HR, Finance, legal, etc who have helped us create a great place to work.  No wonder today we have a higher representation of women than our peers in the finance industry.


We hire for passion, not just skills

Skills can be taught, but passion is inborn. We can only increase or reduce its intensity, but not create it. When we hire people we look for fire or zeal to change things for good. We look for people who want to excel at their work. During interviews, we look for cultural fit more keenly than just skill fit. This approach has done us good, as more than 70% of our first employees are still with us as we move into our sixth year.


We Mentor not Monitor people 

 At Kristal, managers are not supervisors, but coaches. They are not expected to behave as monitors, but as mentors to their team members. They nurture talent, foster innovation, and imbue members with confidence. So that fear of failure should not come in the way of trying new things. This is one of the most defining aspects of our work culture.

As I reflect back on our journey, I see great people who joined us as employees and as investors and helped us build a truly great place to work.


Asheesh Chanda

June 20, 2022

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